Simple Tips to Buying Perfect Dress Shirts in Bulk

Buying shirts as well as other clothes in bulk is no nuclear physics, but it’s also not a matter of grabbing a hold of the first item you lay eyes on, and then running out of the store for dear life. Indeed, many men dislike shopping for clothes, yet this perceived ‘chore’ can easily turn into something as simple as one, two, three, provided you’ve got the right tips at your disposal.

In-depth lowdown for buying wholesale shirts

In this article we are happy to present you an in-depth lowdown on buying wholesale shirts. Nothing matters more than size, when it comes to selecting a good shirt as well as a good bespoke tee or a mere casual t-shirt. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be produced by a high-end label to provide you with a bang for your back. All you need to do is understand what cuts work best for your body type. That, alongside with the existence of vanity sizing. In plain English this means that while with one brand you might be an M, with another you’re just as likely to be an L or S. Usually, the more expensive and high-fashion the brand is, the less likely it is that they resort to vanity sizing. This phenomenon refers to the fact that cheaper brands have been increasing their clothing sizes in direct proportion with the spreading of weight issues in America. Since the population is getting fatter, but brands still want to sell, they will also want to keep from offending their customers by selling them a bigger shirt size than they expected. Read about men's wearhouse clothes on our website.

Dress Shirts in Bulk

Choose clothing that fits your body

The rule number two is – choose clothing that fits your body! Some men will go to great lengths to hide what they perceive as an unsightly belly bulge. While it’s a good idea to keep fit and in good shape, you don’t need six-pack abs in order to buy dress shirts that actually fit. In other words, if you think that a loose shirt will visually disguise your oversized belly – think again. It will only make it look bigger than it actually is. Stick with shirts that fit you well around the torso.

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The importance of the right shirt collar

A well-fitted dress shirt needs to fit properly around your neck. When to comes to buying shirts wholesale, there’s nothing wrong with buying your shirts at the local mall, instead of checking with a personal stylist or tailor. However, know that a neck line that is too tight or too loose will make you look poorly, no matter how snazzy the name on the label at the back of your collar. If you can’t be bothered with remembering measurements in actual inches, then go by the ‘rule of finger’. If you can fit one finger in between your shirt collar and neck, then the shirt is a good fit. If more than one finger can be slid inside, then the shirt is clearly too loose.

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Check seams quality before buying shirts wholesale

And the last point is – always check seams quality before buying shirts wholesale! Shoulder seams and sleeve length are both just as important when it comes to determining whether or not a particular shirt is a fit or a miss. The seams should fall right over the middle of your shoulders, while the proper sleeve length can be determined by leaving the cuffs unbuttoned and checking to see whether they cover your wrists. If they do, you’ve got yourself a winner.

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