Why you Should Buy Bespoke T-Shirts Wholesale

Customisable t-shirts have always been trendy, with teenagers in the 1980′s using foam pens and iron on slogans to create their own, unique shirts. Nowadays, printing websites and other online bespoke clothing wholesale services offer the opportunity to customise your own shirt, adding logos or pictures of your choice. You can even have your photograph on t-shirts bought wholesale. Some websites offer a community of creative individuals who send in their t-shirt designs that are then assessed. Successful applicants have their design created into a range of limited edition t-shirts and hoodies. It’s possible to find some really unique designs that nobody else you know will have! Or why not send in your own artwork to see if it makes the grade. 

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Screen printing on wholesale bespoke t-shirts

Screen printing on wholesale bespoke t-shirts is a popular and profitable thing. Screen printing or photograph printing companies often offer options for having your photograph or artwork printed on a variety of products including t-shirts. There are lots of websites out there offering this service, so shop around to get the cheapest deal and best quality product for your money.

Local print services can also offer the opportunity to design your own shirt, whilst supporting a small, local business. You can usually choose from a range of logos or create your own custom text, choose colours and sizes and sometimes bring in your own photographs or artwork. Bespoke t-shirts are the best option when it comes to wearing casual tees.

Choosing bespoke t-shirts wholesale rather than a mass produced one allows you to wear something completely unique, which expresses your personality. They can also make great gifts, for example if there is a message you would like to get across to someone you care about, or perhaps you just want to create a t-shirt with their favourite film or TV characters on the front.

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Sourcing a t-shirt design

Designs for your custom wholesale t-shirts can be hand drawn, or you can use one of the many drawing programs available such as Corel Draw or Adobe Creative Suite for a dress shirt wholesale, if you are good with a computer. Take the time to think about colours and designs which will complement each other if you want to avoid your design looking cheap. Why not take a look at some of the custom printed t-shirt websites out there for inspiration and ideas, or research images from favourite films, books and television shows which would be great for your shirt. Remember that the whole point of wholesale bespoke t-shirts is to be unique, so don’t copy someone else’s idea entirely. Pull together a few ideas from various websites or other sources and take what you like best about each idea to create your own look.

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